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The Firm

Premium Ressources humaines is a professional services recruiting company for executive-level, senior and middle managers and professionals. We also offer a wide variety of human resources management consulting services.

We offer a Premium experience, geared towards ensuring the satisfaction of both our clients and the candidates. We have behind us more than 20 years of experience in recruiting and human resources services, with a variety of organizations.



Manage the process and the duty to deliver without compromising on quality of service.


Build a solutions-based business partnership on a foundation of honest communication and mutual respect.


Adapt easily to your realities and those of the market.


Always be guided by our desire to meet your needs and help you reach your goals.

founding partner

Alexandre Lafond has a bachelor’s degree in industrial relations from l’Université du Québec en Outaouais and is a member of the Ordre des professionnels en ressources humaines agréés. He has some twenty years’ consulting experience in executive searches in the Montréal, Québec, Toronto, Western Canada, United States and international markets. He completed more than 400 recruitment mandates at many function levels on behalf of several organizations of various sizes in a range of sectors, including human resources management, finance and accounting, information technology, operations management and logistics, sales and marketing. Over the years, he has helped numerous mid- and high-level executives reach their career objectives.

A father of three, he is also involved in the community as a volunteer with youth. Mr. Lafond was a founding partner and, from 2006 to 2015, chair of the board of the Fondation Mathieu Lafond, and he has been on the LEUCAN board since 2015.

He is also a downhill ski race official and a dedicated volunteer with the Club de Compétition du Mont-Olympia and the Division Laurentienne de Ski.

Cell phone: 514 212-6063

founding partner

Stéphane Piché is a founding partner of Premium Ressources humaines. For over 15 years, he very successfully held a variety of strategic positions at major companies such as Cavendish, Mars Canada and Inbev (Labatt). He also won a by-election and became a city counsellor. Over the course of more than five years, Stéphane completed more than 200 provincial and national consultation mandates, as well as some international ones. He works in partnership with organizations of all sizes, from many industries. He has developed thorough and varied expertise with the various positions in companies, including those in human resources management, finance and accounting, information technology, logistics and operations management, engineering, legal services, sales and marketing.

Stéphane graduated from the University of Vermont in business administration, with a specialization in finance. He was the university’s assistant captain of the Catamounts (NCAA hockey, Division 1) and played in the Final Four.

A father of three young children, he is committed to being involved with youth as a minor league hockey coach and he volunteers with various organizations in the community.

Cell phone: 514 220-8450

The services

Recruiting executive-level, upper and middle managers

We help our clients recruit executive-level, upper and middle managers for all types of positions, whether in finance, sales and marketing, legal services, human resources management, operations, engineering, logistics or information technology.

Recruiting professionals

We also specialize in mandates to recruit professionals and specialized resources with rare, sought-after expertise.

Recruiting and selection outsourcing

We handle your recruiting needs, either by project or on a long-term basis, for all professional and management positions in your organization. We develop the process and the selection tools for you, and we manage and facilitate your selection committee, coordinating the steps you’ve selected.

Our complementary services

Human resources management consulting and coaching

To fully meet your needs, we work with partners who share the values of Premium Resources humaines to provide coaching services in human resources management, in organizational development and in compensation and benefits.

The Process

Recruitment and selection process steps

Our rigorous seven-step process, combined with open and honest communication, has enabled us to develop long-lasting partnerships with all of our clients and candidates.

  • 01
  • Developing the mandate

    When we first meet with clients, we take the opportunity to get a feel for the organization’s culture, to understand the nature of the position to be filled and to clarify the required qualifications and key competencies. After this meeting, we put together a job description and list of key responsibilities and share it with potential candidates.

  • 02
  • Methodology and search strategy

    For each mandate entrusted to us, we plan a strategy to search for and identify relevant applications in the job market. Our approach is based on identifying candidates using multiple technologies, our database and our extensive professional networks in all corporate functions.

  • 03
  • Making contact

    A successful recruiting effort attracts the right candidates during the selection process and does a good job of representing your brand as an employer. We know our clients and we know the challenges of the positions. We communicate these so as to attract the best resources during the evaluation stage. We take a direct and confidential approach, one that is of the highest professionalism and that focuses on the candidate. Throughout this crucial step, we send our clients weekly market intelligence reports and updates on how the search is going.

  • 04
  • Evaluating candidates

    We hold interviews that are professional, confidential and behavioural-based for all candidates under consideration. It is important to know what you seek, but also to be able to predict success.

  • 05
  • Presenting the list of candidates

    We recommend the best available candidates and meet with clients to discuss the profiles. We include curriculum vitae along with an evaluation of the candidates, based on the required and evaluated competencies.

  • 06
  • Coordinating logistics and negotiating salary

    We coordinate the logistics with our clients. To keep candidates active and engaged during the process and to support you, we do the following:

    • Plan client interviews
    • Check professional references
    • Coach and provide constructive feedback for candidates who are not hired
    • Administer a psychometric test to finalists
    • Negotiate salary and advise on compensation
  • 07
  • Orientation and post-hiring follow-up

    We offer orientation coaching for the selected candidate and post-hiring follow-up with our client for the first six months after hiring. Our goal is to set up everything to ensure that each person hired is a success story.


Being involved with our clients and our community is one of our fundamental values. Premium Ressources humaines believes that every one of us can have an impact and improve society. That’s why for each mandate we complete, we set aside a certain amount of money and, at the end of the year, we present this money to selected organizations or foundations on behalf of our partners and ourselves.

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